Ms. Galloway, a Brooklyn native has worked as natural hair braider and weaver for more than 15 years. For the last five years she has been producing hairpieces that are virtually handmade and include colors, patterns and textures that are custom created.The next logical evolution for Akosua is the development of wigs.

As a stylist, she observed firsthand that clients would arrive for appointments with many issues such as thinning hair or extreme hair loss. As she became experienced in the “hair game’ it became obvious that the market had few quality options for people seeking a wig or hairpiece, particularly those people utilizing the items as a necessity.

As a child, Ms. Galloway observed her mother braiding hair as a source of additional family income. At age 10, Akosua’s mother began to teach her how to braid and by age 13, she was already braiding on her own. AusarAuset Society School was the site for a tremendous break for Ms. Galloway, for it was there during high school that the owner of Khamit Kinks, a local salon, presented a class on styling and then selected three students to work part time in the salon. Akosua spent the remainder of her time in high school working for this salon (which was well known as a first rate location for care of natural hair) on a part time basis.

After graduation from high school, Ms. Galloway matriculated at City College as a studio art major. Falling back on her experience in styling, Akosua began to style the hair of classmates and to develop business relationships that became the foundation of her client list today.

As she gained greater experience in hair care, she realized that she wanted the appropriate professional recognition for her extensive work. As a result in October 2013 Akosua entered the Carsten Institute of Cosmetology and began a course of study in the “French Haircutting Technique”. Upon graduation from the course in August 2014, she became a licensed cosmetologist.

Akosua Galloway has tremendous experience, excellent creativity and sharp sense of the trends in hair care. Add to this her understanding of her client’s needs and you have a beauty expert. There is no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from this woman in the years to come.